Meet The Crew
Ryne Cooper

"I'm incredibly passionate about the drone industry. It's completely revolutionized the way we capture a moment, inspect a cell tower, help locate a missing person, and the list goes on; the possibilities are endless! Through the use of drones we take the ordinary to extraodinary heights!"

Ryne Cooper has over 10 years experience flying UAS, and even more experience when it comes to video production. Ryne has competed on the national level in television production compititions after placing first in IL two consecative years in a row. Its only natural that he has combined the two in such a way to help bring people together.  Ryne is passionate about drones and their limitless possibilities.  If you have a unique idea on how drones can help improve anything then Ryne is your guy.  He's always explorinng new applications.
Stephanie Gauthier
Client Care Specialist
Stephanie Gauthier has over 15 years of experience in developing and maintaining client relationships. Being a natural listener, and having a creative center puts her at the helm of the ship; leading us to genuine relationships, that help 'you,' the consumer be heard, get what you want, and capitalize on her creative flair.  

" I seek to not only retain your business, but in addition gain your apprecaition and confidence in our work. I will guide you through your process with ease, honesty and diligence, as I work to make your experience comfortable, efficient, and timely. I look forward to seeing how we can grow together! "